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Rules Corner


[This is the first of what will be a regular Broad Reach column focusing on the latest version of the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) and their applications. This edition’s column provides an overview of some of the most significant rule changes reflected in the 2009-2012 RRS.]


RULE 17.2 (On the Same Tack; Proper Course)

This rule—probably the most frequently violated—has been deleted. Except on a beat to windward, Rule 17.2 prohibited a windward or clear ahead boat from sailing below its proper course (without gybing) if another boat was within 2 boat lengths and steering a course to leeward. Rule 17.2 most commonly came into play offwind, when an overtaking boat steered a course to pass astern and to leeward of a boat clear ahead. The rule prohibited the boat clear ahead from altering its course to leeward to impede the overtaking boat from passing or establishing an overlap to leeward. These actions are no longer prohibited.


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