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Force 5 Trailer Bunk Template

Trailer Bunk Template:

The trailer section provides instructions on how to setup the trailer for the Force 5. This template is the scale drawing for the rear bunk. This need a very large paper. The best option is to take this to FedEx (Kinkos) Copy Store and the cost is around $5.00.

Double Trailer Build

Turning your Force 5 trailer into a double can be accomplished by buying the parts list below and cutting the 10’ Superstruts with a saws-all to the right length to fit your trailer.


Mount a 1x4 treated decking to each one with countersunk self-tapping screws. I put washers behind the self-tap screws so they wouldn’t push through the wood. I countersunk them using a ¾ paddle bit to make it big enough for the washers.

Also, keep in mind the bunks for the upper boat should be placed near the mast in the front and by the stern of the cockpit to support the load. Use a thick foam pad to support the boat without damage.

4 – 10’ Superstruts:


8 – Superstrut 90-Degree 4-Hole Channel Bracket:


24 - Superstrut 1/2 in. Channel Spring Nuts:


24 - Superstrut 1/2 in. x 15/16 in. Electrogalvanized Hex-Head Bolts:

Note: You can likely buy these bolts in the bolts section of Home Depot or any hardware store for a lot less.


The only thing not accounted for in using this to make a support front and back is possible struts between the two or to the trailer at an angle to make it more rigid. Also, you will likely need some long U bolts to secure it to your trailer or through bolt into the trailer.


Force 5 Boat

Trailering Instructions



This is a high performance hull that must be treated with care. Read these important trailering instructions to avoid damage.


1.    Damage will result if boat is trailered improperly.

2.    Check your trailer carefully.

3.    Never Trailer boat without first checking all lights, hitch seating on ball and security of safety chains.

4.    While Force 5 sailboats are designed and engineered for excellence in sailing performance, care must be taken to insure adequate hull support while trailering.

5.    Be careful to avoid extreme pressure on hull from bunks or rollers.

6.    Do not trailer with cockpit load of any kind.


Special bunk design required for the Force 5.

Do not trailer your Force 5 without adequate full-width support.

Trailer Wiring Diagrams

4 Way Systems

4 way flat molded connectors allow basic hookup for three lighting functions; right turn signal / stop light (green), left turn signal / stop light (yellow), taillight / license / side marker (brown) and a ground (white).