Force 5 Class Association

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Home Regattas Racing Results 2010 FORCE 5 MID-WINTER CHAMPIONSHIP



FEB. 25 -27, 2010

A contingent of snow-weary sailors from Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Ohio and North Carolina met California and Florida sailors in a show-down of skill, patience and endurance to determine who could generate the largest UKSC bar tab.

The Regatta got underway on Thursday with welcoming remarks from Race Chairman Steve Perry, who laid down the gauntlet for the On-The-Water and Off-The-Water competition to begin. Registrations were deftly handled by Yolanda Trump and the UKSC fleece vests provided by Paco Calvet were immediately utilized in the sub-tropic temperatures.

After a delicious lunch buffet, PRO Alan Hulbert whipped the eager Corinthians into an exuberant frenzy as the RC mounted their wary vessel and challenged sixteen members of the Force 5 Class Association to test their mettle against the buffeting winds and saturating UV rays of an approaching cold front.

After two grueling races with multiple capsizes, wind-whipped competitors, tongues thick with thirst, patiently waited for Master Mixologist Coope to declare the bar “Open!”… and the downing of Rum-Runners commenced to offer consolation and respite to the weary.

Friday morning found winter-wrapped bodies appreciating a UKSC buffet breakfast, while getting pumped-up for the two pre-lunch races. As the thermometer struggled above the 60’s, the white­caps eased and all was right with the world as the two afternoon races indelibly etched Key Largo sailing into hearts and minds.

After the cleansing of boats and bodies, the purifying of the mind began around the Club bar, continued through the sumptuous buffet dinner, through the setting of the sun and well into the moon-lit night. Many seem to remember an ad-hoc Class meeting aptly interspersed by Class President Chris Zofchak. The class’ newest fleet was introduced during the class meeting. The newest Fleet 106 is located in Port Huron, MI.

Saturday morning found many less-than-eager bodies huddled around the breakfast counter as mounds of froth pummeled the beach area. With pounding waves and temples, persevering RC and sailors took to the water and concluded the final two races of the Regatta.

Apparently, the Anti-Monkeybutt powder that was sprinkled on many boats as part of the opening day ceremonies, did the trick as no filed-protests and no damaged boats or bodies, catapulted this as one of the most flawless Regattas into the annuls of Force 5 Class history.

Bob Cullen, long-time guest from the Thames Yacht Club of New London CT,

took to the road not only with the Mid-Winter Championship Trophy,

but also laid claim as the repeat winner to the very-well earned UKSC bar tab award… but don’t let that get back to Jeannie!