Force 5 Class Association

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    Former two-time FFCA President and current class V.P. Byron Hicks, won the Midwest Regional championship held on September 26 and 27, hosted by the Bloomington Yacht Club at Lake Lemon, Indiana. The regatta was a multi-class event consisting of three distinct fleets featuring a large fleet of Y Flyers; an “A Fleet”, consisting of Thistle’s, Flying Scots, Flying Dutchmen, and an MC Scow; and a “B Fleet” with Lasers one Finn and of course Force 5’s who competed on time with different classes and staged their own series within a series by competing head to head among the 8 Force 5’s at the regatta.  Byron displayed his mastery of the boat during less than ideal winds.  Extremely light and shifty air on day one did not prove to be a difficult combination for Byron, as he adroitly maneuvered “Monkey Butt” out front from start to finish for both races.  Putting pressure on Byron during day one was Andrew Jerman and Chris Zofchak, but Hicks was able to counter their challenges and maintain a solid lead after the first two races of the series. 

    At the conclusion of racing on day one, thunder and lightning began moving toward Lake Lemon from the southwest, forcing the race committee to tow a number of boats to shore to avoid their being caught on the water by the oncoming storm.  Once ashore the sailor’s were able to quench their thirst at the cocktail party, followed by a meal sure to please: a hog roast with all the fixin’s.  Without a doubt, the folks at BYC really know how to stage a regatta from start to finish.  The meals were both nourishing and plentiful, and what can be said for a group of volunteers who go all out to roast a hog late Friday thru Saturday and then offer a complete pancake and sausage breakfast for the start of Sunday’s racing. THEY WERE FANTASTIC!

    Sunday morning began with a forecast of SW winds from 10 to 15mph, gusting to 20, and as the boats began putting in, that forecast seemed attainable; but once on the water the wind began a slow decline into the >2mph range as the racing resumed for day two.  Chris Zofchak pulled away for a win in Sunday’s first race followed by Byron Hicks in second, and Andrew Jerman who crossed the line third.  Byron posted a ‘wire to wire” victory in race two, which saw the wind build to around 5 to 8mph at the start and last until near the last leg of the race when it dropped to the 1 to 2mph range, where it stubbornly stayed for the remainder of the day’s sailing.  Andrew came on to win the last race, however Byron bested the fleet of 8 avid Force 5 sailors to win the title of “Midwest Regional Champion”.  A special thank you goes out to the race committee, who did an outstanding job of re-setting marks; thus enabling the fleet’s square starts and three races to close out their respective regatta.  Byron was presented a beautiful hand crafted trophy of carved/etched glass created by artisan and second place Force 5 finisher, Andrew Jerman.  The day ended with class president Chris Zofchak, formally presenting Fleet Charters to our newest fleets; Fleet # 105 of Bloomington Yacht Club and Fleet # 104 of Central Florida. 

Final Results

1st - Byron Hicks - 7 Points

2nd – Chris Zofchak – 12 Points

3rd – Andrew Jerman – 13 Points

4th – Eric Braysmith – 20 Points

5th – DJ McCabe – 25 Points

6th – Ed Hinton – 29 Points

7th – Bill Manwaring – 34

8th – Matt Shilke – 40