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Force 5 - Facebook
Written by Force 5 Class   

The Force 5 Class Association has been working hard to build new communications to keep Force 5ers up to date and draw in new interested sailors and Facebook is leading these efforts.

The class has developed a facebook page for communicating with Force 5ers everywhere.

The Force 5 page isn't much different then a lot of the forums you likely subcribe to today. The real difference is it provides updates to your facebook account regarding news, pictures, videos, events and ongoing discussions. You have to create a facebook account in order to click "Like" on the class page.

You can create a facebook account a lock down all of the permissions and put in limited information as you choose. Additionally you don't ever have to accept any friend requests if you so choose.

Here is the link to the Force Class Page:

Last Updated on Monday, 14 March 2011 21:37