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Most of us at one time or another, have been overpowered on the Force 5 when the wind really pipes up. So what do we do? If you’ve been on a run, and alert enough to avoid a “death-roll”, then you’ve probably considered yourself fortunate. Otherwise, you’ve added it to your “things-I-never-want-to-happen-again” list.

If you happened to be going upwind when the breeze honked up and then realized you cannot hike-out far enough to avoid a severe heel, you’ve either dumped the main or weather-vaned into the wind. This condition seems to occur more frequently to those who weigh a bit less, have shorter legs, or perhaps just no longer have the hike-out body strength or agility.

So, while there may be some Force 5 sailors that fall into the “strapping-young-men” category, one of the primary objectives of the Force 5 Class Association is to encourage competitive participation by youth and women, in addition to retaining its
“senior” members. To make this happen though, those sailors must be able to maintain control over the boat in more than light winds. Wah-lah! Could this be a no-brainer? How about not just a smaller sail, but one that can also be competitive!

You could call it Junior, or you could call it Paco… but when its properly made, you’re excited about getting out on the water when it blows, not intimidated. Gone are those times when you would wonder whether it’s worth spending hours traveling to a regatta because you’re concerned about going over in heavy winds.

Convenient, is an understatement for the Short-Rig. You don’t need to replace your Full-Rig mast and boom as other one-design boats. Simply insert the mast cap on the top of the middle mast section instead of the upper 4 foot section. Having a full foot and generous roach supported with a full upper-batten, coupled with the same luff-sleeve pre-bend that’s incorporated into the Full-Rig sail, the Short-Rig sail almost defies death-rolling.

Need to gybe in 20 knots on a downwind run? With the Full-Rig, you might have a 50-50 chance of staying upright. Like many of us though, you may more wisely choose to “chicken-gybe”. But here is a fact… with the Short-Rig it’s actually fun!

And yes, should you continue to test your skills in heavier winds, a capsize could well occur. Another remarkable facet of the Short-Rig though, is the ease with which it can be righted… less sail under water, less sail to re-flip the boat after righting.

The Short-Rig is a stable high-performance sail that opens a whole new range of sailing enjoyment in the Force 5. Not only will Class regattas be able to provide separate one-design competition for Short-Rigs and Full-Rigs, but Full-Rig competitors will have the option to “down-size” when the day calls for stronger winds than they want to handle.

Contact the class reagarding class approved sailmakers of the new rig.

Note: The Short-Rig has been registered with US Sailing and is carrying a DPN of 103 for portsmouth races. Please use new Class Code F5S when reporting data for this boat.


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