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Force 5 Millard Fillmore Regatta

 The day started with just a little wind – the kind that makes for pretty pictures (see right) but sometimes frustrating sailing.  Our RC, led by Chet Ensign did an outstanding job of adjusting courses to keep things as good as possible under the conditions.  Doug showed that his time off from the boat didn’t hurt his chances, as he had a mediocre first start but read the slight and shifty wind carefully to finish first in the first race.

The afternoon races brought better wind and the opportunity to actually hike a bit.  Yuka Ichijo made her debut in a Force 5 with a respectable 3rd place overall.  She is shown at left hiking harder than her heavier competitors coming up to the finish line in photo at left.
  Yes, there was more wind in the afternoon, and the RC continued to match the challenge of the changing conditions.

The photo at below shows a situation familiar to the writer.  Doug is covering me as tightly as he can – flattering and frustrating.  Like many good pictures, there is a lesson to be learned:  I’m looking at my wind tells and Doug is looking up the lake for the next puff.  Doug won all five races, while I settled for 4 seconds and a third.


Yuka took third place, Shane Oryniak in fourth, leaving Susan Mallows in the middle of the nine boat fleet and taking home the dreaded Millard Fillmore Award for the most mediocre performance of the day.


Congratulations to Doug on his recovery from back surgery and thanks to the Race Committee.