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Passing of a Friend

Passing of a Friend

On Saturday, our friend Byron Hicks passed away after a very long battle with brain cancer.
Please feel free to share your thoughts with the class. Of course many of us have a humorous story to share as well.
More details on the Facebook page or in the class article: … ;Itemid=50

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Re: Passing of a Friend

He never did finish telling the story about the snake. I guess we will never know how it ends. That's probably best.

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Re: Passing of a Friend

As a Force 5 sailor of 4 years, my first regatta was the Hospice in 14'.  That was the first time I met Byron.  During the evening I went with ChrisZ  and sat outside Byron's camper, for a drink.  Possibly due to my questions the "old" stories flowed.  I found myself envious of Chris and all his years with the club... and Byron's friendship.
At the 2016 Hospice regatta after the first race the light winds quit altogether and after waiting a while 3 of the 8 boats went in.  With the winds now out of the East, Race 2 had Byron out on the right lay line and myself out on the left.  Three quarters of the way up it looked like I might be first around the mark but Byron got a lift and I ended up about 100' behind chasing him to the finish.  A puff or two brought me closer with Byron always looking back - at me!  What a rush it was for this sailor to be behind Byron! What a cherished memory that is now. 
Yesterday there were so many good photos of Byron at the funeral.  Did he ever take a bad picture?  The greatest news of all was of Byron spending time understanding the life of Christ and its purpose. He gave his heart to the Lord, and has since gazed upon His face
Photos by KeithS at the 2017 Hospice

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