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Welcome to the Force 5 Class Forum. Please ask questions, share experiences and offer help to other Force 5ers.

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So I bought a very used 1977 Force 5 in 2015...I bought a new transom...lines etc.....and made everything bright..I sailed it for the first time September 2015..then back today I sailed again.

.How does anyone rig it when it is blowing HARD??

Winds were 15-25+  the  sail because it is not up-haulable was flapping all around..dragging the boat back and forth.. I moved it from the dock to the shore where I was more able to get things done standing in the water.....any suggestions?  or should I just go back to windsurfing??  How does the zipper sail it easier?? Can it be up-hauled and let down when you want to stop??

Once under way..the main sheet pressure at times was a lot of "tug"  maybe I didn't have it rigged right?

Thanks for you ideas....My last sailboat before windsurfing in 1983in the gorge (and for 15+ years) BIG winds ... was a Snapir top-able sailboat and surfed in the Portland Maine ocean..easy boat.. so I am not a novice to wind sports..But frustrated with this "Iwo Gima" boat!!!!!

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   Since I don't look at this forum often..  THANKS11

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Re: Help?

Think we need to better understand what was happening when you were out there. It shouldn't be tough to pull the sail in with the mainsheet. Maybe post some pictures of your rigging.
Docks are no friend to a small sailboat like a Force 5. I suggest finding a beach where you can rig it up. A lot of us flip the boat over on it's side to put the sail on and don't put it back upright until we are ready to launch.

I should have some good pictures at the NAs which may help you see what I mean a little better.

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